Avaya IP Office Training Special Offer

During these challenging times the Avaya IP Office Training portal is being made available to you untill July 31 2020 as a free of charge offer.

The Training Portal provides 24/7 access to Online Administration Courses, Video Tutorials, Live Web Casts and One-to-One Guru Sessions.  All of which will allow you to manage changes to your system including, forwarding of calls, recording announcements & changing business hours… 

At the end of the offer period you will have the option of terminating or continuing at a special discounted rate of £8 per month (exc. VAT).

To take advantage of this offer please complete the following form, which will enable our training partner ITEL, to contact you with your log on details.

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Terms and Conditions 

1. BT will provide access to the Avaya IP Office training portal free of charge (the “Offer”).

2. The Offer will be available from the date the customer completes the form to 31 July 2020 (“Offer Period”) to customers who fulfil the eligibility criteria set out below.

3. Except as expressly amended, the standard terms and conditions for Avaya IP Office at www.bt.com/terms will apply.  These can be found in the “Other” tab under “Sale – BT Conditions of Sale”.

4. The Offer will be available at BT’s discretion to existing Avaya IP Office customers who do not already have access to the training portal and, during the Offer Period, placed a request for the Offer via this form. 

The Offer

5. BT will provide the Avaya IP Office training portal free of charge for the duration of the Offer Period.

6. All other charges, including connection charges and usage charges for Avaya IP Office are as set out in the terms described in Paragraph 3 above.

7. Any orders for the training portal placed outside the Offer Period will be priced at the standard rate.

8. At the end of the Offer Period, customers may terminate the trial or continue at a special discounted rate of £8 per month (exc. VAT).  Cancellation of this Offer, at any stage, will not incur any cancellation or early termination charges. If you do not cancel the trial, then you will automatically continue to receive the service at the rate set out above until you terminate.

9. This Offer will come into effect when the customer completes this form within the Offer Period. 

10.Avaya IP Office training is provided by BT’s supplier ITEL. By completing this form, you agree that BT can pass your contact details on to ITEL who will then use this information for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding this Offer and providing access to the Avaya IP Office training portal. ITEL will be contacting customers before the offer period ends to determine a cancellation or continuance of the service.

11. This Offer cannot be used together with any other BT offer, unless specifically stated.

12. BT may withdraw or amend this Offer at any time without notice.


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